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Christmas Decorations

Advent Calendar 

Click the links below to get a full list of ingredients for all of the teas included in our Advent Calendar. 


Double Cream Earl Grey:

Pomegranate Hibiscus:


Golden Apple Spice:

Stress Less:

Creme Au Caramel:


Sleep Lullaby:

Goji Berry:

Thai Lemon Ginger:


Cochin Masala:

Sweet Watermelon:

Be Mine Chocolate Strawberry:

Orange Blossom:

Vanilla Chai:

Honeybush Peach:

Focus Pocus:


Cream Irish Breakfast:

Niagara Peach:

German Gingerbread:

Candy Cane Burst:

Santa's Milk n' Cookies:

Christmas Blend:

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