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Tea Pickers

Grand Blanc's Premier Loose-Leaf Tea Provider. 

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We believe that good tea comes from sourcing well-grown leaves. Because of this we have made sure that we partner with only the best. Our tea comes from their respective countries and is a part of the Ethical Tea Partnership.


Why Grand Blanc and why tea?

Michigan is our home! Tabbitha (Tabby) and Scott both grew up in Michigan with Scott being in Flint and Tabbitha in Gaylord. After Scott left the Army, the entire family moved to Tampa Florida for 9 years for a career opportunity. That is where Tabbitha found a loose leaf tea store and instantly fell in love. 


After deciding to come back home to Michigan, we settled down in Grand Blanc because we love the area and it was where we would be closest to family. But one thing that was missing; was tea! We quickly found that the closest loose leaf tea store to us that had a variety and was organic was over an hour away. This lead to the creation of Tea Bee! 

Ethical Tea Partnership

Did you know that Tea Bee is a part of the Ethical Tea Partnership? What that means: Tea comes from all over the world. The ETP ensures that all of our tea is ethically sourced and ensures that no slaves, animals, or child labor is used in growing and processing the tea we sell in the store. This is why we can tell you exactly what cities our teas come from. In addition to this, all of our teas are Organic complaint in both North America and Europe; meaning, we only serve you the highest grades of tea which is something no one else in the area can promise. And I guarantee you that you will taste the difference.


To learn more about the Ethical Tea Partnership, follow the link to learn more about the mission:

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